The world of tea is an exciting but complex one, and although we’ve learnt a lot in the last couple of years, our education is only just beginning. And we hope that you’ll join us on the journey.

We have carefully selected a small number of black, green and oolong teas, with white tea coming soon. The list will keep on growing as and when we discover new ones. We think they’re all delicious, but too much choice can be scary so the menu at our Brew Bar will keep changing, featuring only three or four for you to pick from each day.

But if you can't make it to the van and are dying for a cuppa, fear not. All of our teas are also available here to order and brew up at home, along with our in-cup brewers which make it all a bit easier. The numbers refer to the order in which we discovered them, tasted them and added them to the collection, hence the seeming lack of logic...

All of our teas come in 100g packs, which will make around 30 cups.

  • Tea Tasting Evening

    Tea Tasting Evening

    15 GBP

    G&P founder Emilie will give a brief background about tea, where it is grown and how it is then picked, processed and made into the drink we know and love. We will then brew a selection of G&P teas, describing and tasting together the different types, how they differ, their characteristics and how each should be brewed.  We will also discuss how to make a perfect cup of tea at home. 

    The session will begin at 6pm and last approx 1.5 hours, finishing with a complimentary tea cocktail. There will also be an opportunity to purchase the teas & teaware to take home. 

    This informal Tea Tasting evening will take place in a beautiful apartment near Holloway, previous home to the much-loved Secret Larder Supper Club. Full details of location will be provided on booking. 

  • #1 GOLDEN TIPS 100g

    #1 GOLDEN TIPS 100g

    9.50 GBP

    A fine example from the world’s biggest tea growing region, this Assam stood out in tasting well above the rest.  Characterised by its dark leaves and chunky golden tips, it produces a warm, golden cup with a rich, malty flavour.

    Full-bodied and taking well to milk, this is the perfect match for your toast in the morning.  

    100% BLACK TEA

  • #3 JADE TIPS 100g

    #3 JADE TIPS 100g

    9.50 GBP

    A lovely example of a Mao Jian – a sweet green tea with a flowery aroma. These wiry leaves produce a bright, pale green-yellow liquor and can be re-infused several times.

    A refreshing, everyday tea which, with a little care in brewing, is ideal for converting those who don’t already love green tea.

    100% GREEN TEA

  • #4 ROYAL TAJIRI 100g

    #4 ROYAL TAJIRI 100g

    8 GBP

    From a country largely reputed for producing the low-grade tea found in teabags comes this delicious ‘orthodox’ black. This whole-leaf tea produces a bold, red liquor with a rich and expansive flavour.

    A great alternative to Assam as a strong breakfast tea, with or without milk.

    100% BLACK TEA

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    8 GBP

    From the region famed for producing the ‘champagne’ of teas, this particular 2nd flush, with its silvery tips, produces a deep amber cup with a floral aroma and all the muscatel character one would expect from a Darjeeling.

    Full-bodied and fragrant, this makes for a wonderful afternoon cuppa, best served without milk.

    100% BLACK TEA

  • #6 CEYLON 100G

    #6 CEYLON 100G

    6 GBP

    Well loved for its breakfast teas, Sri Lanka has been filling British mugs for well over a century. This particular whole-leaf tea produces a bright, coppery liquor and a smooth, fruity cup.

    A favourite among milk-and-sugar takers, but even better taken black.

    100% BLACK TEA

  • #8 KEEMUN 100g

    #8 KEEMUN 100g

    6 GBP

    Probably the best known of China’s black teas, these small, dark leaves produce a deep red cup, with a sweet, earthy flavour and a natural smokiness.

    A delicious, rich cup for any time of day, this takes milk well but is also lovely and smooth without. 

    100% BLACK TEA

  • #9 YELLOW GOLD 100g

    #9 YELLOW GOLD 100g

    11.50 GBP

    An example of a greener oolong as a result of light oxidation, these hand-rolled yellow-gold leaves unfurl to produce a sweet and distinctly floral cup and can be re-infused multiple times.

    A wonderfully light, calming tea, this a good choice for after dinner.

    100% OOLONG TEA



    9.50 GBP

    This brewer is a nifty bit of kit that makes brewing up loose leaf tea that little bit easier. You can use it with your favourite mug or pot - just add  the right amount of leaves and water, put on the lid and let it brew! When it's done the basket sits neatly into the lid to catch any drips while you enjoy your cuppa.

    Dishwasher safe. 



    5 GBP

    Fairly traded, cotton tote bag made from 100% sustainable materials. 

    Illustration by Nikki Edwards. 



    5 GBP

    There are a few key things that make a cup of tea a good and proper one. And leaf to water ratio is one of them. This measure spoon matches the brewing instructions on pack, ensuring you get it right every time. Its length helps you reach those last few leaves right at the bottom of the bag and it even doubles up as a clip so you can keep it with your pack or tin at all times. 

    Stainless steel. Approx 17cm in length. 



    3.50 GBP

    We quite like it when the pouches get scrumpled as it is a sign that they have been well loved (nothing worse than a pristine pack sitting untouched in the cupboard). But for those who like things neat, this tin is for you. With a chalkboard panel on one side, you can decant any of your G&P teas into the tin and scribble which of them it is on the outside. 

    The tins will hold approx 100g of loose tea. 

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    27 GBP

    The perfect present for someone just getting into proper tea, with the Assam for their morning cuppa, the Darjeeling their afternoon brew & the all-important kit to make it faff-free at home. 

    Gift Box includes:
    100g Golden Tips Assam
    100g Darjeeling
    In-cup Brewer
    Measure spoon



    30 GBP

    The ideal selection for those who tend to stay away from the traditional English brew. These two teas, both from China, are great examples of their types - the Jade Tips a perfect everyday green and the Yellow Gold a delicious, light and floral oolong. And they'll get all the kit too to infuse and re-infuse the leaves at home, minus the faff. 

    Gift Box includes:
    100g Jade Tips
    100g Yellow Gold
    In-cup Brewer
    Measure Spoon



    30 GBP

    The ultimate gift box for someone keen to know more about tea and try something new. You can choose any 3 teas from the G&P collection so they'll have something for every time of day. Perhaps a Ceylon to kick-start their mornings, a Darjeeling for the afternoon and a Yellow Gold oolong for the evening? Plus they'll get all the kit to make brewing them at home that little bit easier. 

    Gift box includes:
    3 x 50g packs of tea chosen by you (stock depending)
    Chalkboard tin
    In-cup Brewer
    Measure Spoon


    This product is out of stock